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Welcome to the Sauvage State University Music Department
It's an honor and a pleasure to welcome musicians and music lovers to our program. With some of the most dedicated instructors, all with years of experience in performance, composition, and teaching, we provide a learning experience for the seasoned performer or the music novice. Throughout the academic year, our students participate in a variety of performances, showcasing the amazing talent we've accumulated here at Sauvage. 
Marching 300 
The pride of the Sauvage State Spartan Athletic Program. Our band of 300 members provides entertainment for all Sauvage State football games and recruitment via regional showcases. Tryouts take place every Spring under the direction of Music Director Mark Klauss and Assistant Music Director Katherine Frost. Band camp takes place from the end of June through August.
Winter and Spring Symphonic Band
Open to students who have had at a minimum of four years high school band performance, the winter and spring ensembles perform traditional music choices under the direction of Dr. Mark Klauss.
Jazz Band
A more casual, hand-selected ensemble of musicians, our Jazz Band practices and performs throughout the academic year. Music selections range from Jazz to Contemporary, with performances taking place both on and off campus. Our Jazz Band has performed for presidents, dignitaries, and national sports games. Auditions take place in December.
Concert Choir
The Sauvage State Concert Choir performs several shows throughout the year with two major performances held at the end of Fall and Spring semesters. Choral literature is chosen from all historical styles, providing a wide variety of enjoyment to audiences. 
Sauvage Singers
The Sauvage Singers have been a time-honored performance quintet from the inception of the university in 1878. Music choices range from Gregorian to Contemporary, showcasing the amazing talent of the singers. A premier a cappella group, they have performed in competitions nationwide and has won the prestigious Golden Voice Award a staggering twelve times! Tryouts take place in July. 
We hope to see you at some of our many performances throughout the year.
Dr. Mark Klauss
Director of Music
Out now!

Everyone may call me “Steady” but recently my life has been all chaos. I went from Shaun Decker, NFL star, to being forced to retire and finding out my wife’s having an affair. Coaching for the Sauvage Spartans' football program will be perfect for getting my life back on track. Then a delicious woman named Katie literally falls into my lap and then, after the best sex of my life, disappears.


I’m Katherine Frost, band nerd turned band director and, oh, apparently a magnet for married men. Discovering I’m the other woman already had me rethinking my life, then my one-night stand turns out to be married too. Gah! I want nothing to do with men ever again. Especially tall, handsome, bearded men named Shaun. I thought taking up a teaching position at Sauvage State was a strategic exit, stage left, but it’s looking more like going from the frying pan into the fire.


Hey, Shaun again. Don't let her kid you. Fate puts people in the right place at the right time because they're meant for each other. Football and marching bands go together, just like me and Katie. I just need to convince her of that.

Out Now!

Until I joined the Marching 300 at Sauvage State University, I was just too-tall, tuba-playing Lena Leblanc. But college changes everything. Suddenly I have friends, and they won't let me dodge the attraction I have for hulking, Viking-like football player Anders De Groot. He makes me feel; makes me believe that I'm more than a burden to others. That I'm more than just Lena. And for a girl whose mother checked out years ago, that's the scariest feeling of all. 


Before I met Lena, all I had was school and football; study and stadiums full of spectators cheering for "Root!" Now, I can't get her out of my head. She's everything I could possibly want in a woman and I need to prove to her how good we'll be together. I need to show her that, no matter what, she's perfection. My perfection. And I'll stand my ground to make sure nothing ever hurts her. Not even her family.


See what I mean? How can he even be real? So impossibly sweet and hot? But with my stepfather threatening us, I'll have to learn how to step up and fight for what I want. Otherwise I'll lose the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Out now!

Hey y'all, I'm Jolene Pickering, and music is my life and salvation. I came to Sauvage State to escape my past, and everything was perfect ’til Levi "Crash" Cracchiolo, all tattoos and sexy smirk, stormed into my life. He's everything I don't need, yet I'm torn between wanting him and needing to not want him.

The Crash Cracchiolo doctrine reads: ‘The best things in life are music and sex, but never shall the twain meet.’ My vow to avoid band chicks was unshakable until she walked on to my field. Jolene. Beautiful, talented, and completely off-limits. Then I heard her play. Now all I want is to make her believe in herself the way I do, and prove this band nerd's heart only beats for her.

I feel as lost as last year’s Easter egg, because good things don't happen to girls like me. But God willing and the creek don't rise, Crash'll only ever see the person I want to be, not who others say I am.