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Rude's Awakening (Reindeer Games 1)

~Editor's Pick~ 

When undercover agent Jinger von Brot discovers a plot against the North Pole, she attempts to alert her superiors only to be captured by the reindeer shifters who protect the royal family. Pack leader, Rudolph “Rude” Briars has a unique way with prisoners, using his skills as a Dominant to seduce the information out of her. As a Domestic Elf, Jinger must fight instincts that demand she submit to him even at the risk of losing everything she holds dear. 

Rude’s little elfin spy draws him more than any woman he’s ever had. He should loathe her, but her spirit calls to the animal within, inspiring him to bind her until his name sighs from her lips along with her hidden agenda. But his sweet captive has secrets bigger than the ones he suspects, secrets which have the power to destroy the fragile bond they share and shatter his world.

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Blitzen's Savior (Reindeer Games 2)

Masquerading as a young male, keeping to herself and not speaking to anyone, is the only way Alera Darktear has been able to survive in the Outer Plains—the wasteland between North Pole City and the Drow stronghold . But when Blitzen Hightower, a reindeer shifter and one of Santiero Claus' personal guards, literally falls out of the sky, everything changes. This dangerously sexy shifter makes her want more than the barren cold and loneliness she's grown accustomed to. He teaches her about desire, need and what it means to be owned by a male, but their time together is finite. Isn't it?

The female who saves him after he's felled during an attack isn't what Blitz expects to find in the frozen Outer Plains. Alera defies all stereotypes he and his fellow Tactical Force members believe about their enemies. Her kindness, her generosity—with her home, her supplies and her body—weaken his resolve to keep their interaction strictly about sex. Not even warnings from his brooding older brother can tame the feelings he develops for this female. Danger stalks them from several directions and it'll take an act of betrayal before Blitz realizes he'll risk everything for this amber-eyed beauty

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 Dasher's Bargain (Reindeer Games 3)

~Editors Pick~
Everyone in the North Pole territories knows Lady Grim as the right hand of the evil Lord Grinwich, but what 
they don't know is that she's just a human woman who wants to go home. Desperate times call for desperate 
measures and she'll make a deal with the Devil to leave Virdian City. Or, rather give her complete submission to 
a wrathful, highly attractive reindeer shifter she accidentally wronged. 
Dasher Hightower takes the little scientist's deal. What better way to exact his revenge against her than to make 
her want him so much it hurts? But Lady Grim's innocent reaction to his touch enthralls his beast and the thirst 
for revenge turns to the desire to mate, even if it means going against his own people. He'll learn there's no 
greater battle than the one fought for love, especially for a male who doesn't feel he deserves it and for a human 
female trying to run from the ghosts of her past.
Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MFFM), public exhibition, forced seduction, f/f sex, sex toys

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