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Southern Sin Novels
Grand Terre's General Store has been in the Guillory family for generations, handed down from father to son.
Except this generation there are no sons, just the three Guillory sisters who stepped in to take over the
family business. Everything happens at "Guillory's" from old lovers meeting again to reconciliations,
but when it's time for the sisters to fall in love, they learn the path to happiness is bumpier than they expected.
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Book 1 in the Southern Sin Series

Logan Guillory finally has what she’s always wanted, a loving, sizzling relationship with J.B. Calhoun. So why can’t she shake her overwhelming need for his twin brother Anthony? Her small town morals tell her it’s not normal to love two men with equal fervor, but not even the risk of damaging her standing in Grand Terre, Louisiana can make her stop wanting to be possessed by them both.

Anthony ‘Ant’ Calhoun had his eye on Logan long before his brother entered the picture, but now he’s lost his chance, or so he thinks. J.B. has other ideas, which includes sharing Logan’s sensual caresses and big heart with his brother. Torn between overwhelming need and fear of the scandal that might ensue, Ant resists with all his might, but doesn’t stand a chance against the needs of the two people he loves most.

Giving in threatens everything they all hold dear, but who can resist the sweetest taste of sin?

Note: Contains scenes of one woman being properly seduced and thoroughly enjoying it by not one, but two men who happen to be twins. Very sexy, hot twins. 
Out now:
Book 2 in the Southern Sin series

Just another one of the guys. That’s how Taylor Guillory has always been treated in her hometown of Grand Terre, Louisiana. And for the most part she never minded until Sinclair “Sin” Rivas opened up shop in town. With his dangerous eyes and legendary sex god status, Sin is so far out of her league, but that doesn’t stop Taylor from falling in love with the impossible man, or doing something so daring and unlike her for the chance to be with him.

Knowing he’s no good for her, Sin has stayed far away from Taylor since the day she walked into his shop, but when the little spitfire propositions him in the middle of the bar, there’s no way he’ll be able to walk away from the temptation. But his one-night only rule when it comes to women is challenged by the pleasure they experience, making him think that he might be a one-woman man after all.

But Sin has secrets that could very well destroy anything they forge together. Can a man born of sin find redemption in the arms of a woman just as tough as any man?

Releasing February 23, 2016:

Book 3 in the Southern Sin series

When Duson "Deuce" Gaudet came into Devon Guillory's life, he upset the careful balance she maintained with her abusive husband and threw her directly into a scandal that rocked the town of Grand Terre. A year later, newly divorced and starting over, she seeks protection from Deuce and finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of uncertainty and desire. The investigator is strong, caring and as sexy as sin, just the kind of temptation Devon isn’t looking for and definitely doesn’t need.


Deuce has always been a gambler, a risk taker, and from the moment he saw Devon he wanted her but knew she’d need time to get over the horror of her past before she’d be ready to consider another relationship. When a stalker targets Devon and her son and she turns to him for help, Deuce knows Lady Luck is on his side. This time Deuce isn't keeping his distance. Instead he’s pulling every sensual trick he has out his sleeve, willing to sin in every sexy way he can to win this high stakes game of love.