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Ruby Fontenot, a Cajun hermit, loses control of her life when she’s tapped to become the last Lineage Chieftain in a paranormal world she had no idea existed. With the power to change the face of The Veil by choosing its leaders, Ruby is now a wanted woman. Once she meets a member of the Veilerian High Council, what began as a fight for her life turns into a fight for her heart and her freedom.

As the High Council Representative, Lucian Ravenswaay has spent decades searching for the elusive Lineage Chieftain only to discover she’s his life mate. But this vampire has bigger plans than settling down; he wants a Council seat and to get it, he’ll have to turn Ruby over to them. The line between what he wants and what he needs is blurred and making the wrong choice could mean the destruction of an entire society.


What reviewers have to say about Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose:
      "Danica Avet has done a superb job in not only creating characters that you fall in love with, but through this story she helps you discover what life is truly all about — finding love, discovering where you belong, growing and learning from your past." - Mia, The Romance Reviews 


 It isn’t easy holding onto your virginity in a succubus Pleasure House, but Piper Foxgrove has managed for decades. As a rare succubus-weretiger, Piper dreams of true love to the consternation of her mother. Forced to work with a bad-tempered, good-looking werewolf looking for his nephew, she’s determined to ignore his sexiness. Unfortunately, her succubus half decides he’s the key to unlocking her powers, while her recently awakened weretiger half thinks he’s perfect mate material.

Connor Griffin needs to find his nephew. The Veil can be dangerous and worry makes him take drastic measures. His brother died because of one of the “soul suckering” succubi so he doesn’t trust them. But something about Piper calls to his wolf and has him doing things he never thought he’d do: like work with a succubus, or lust after a succubus, or fall in love with a sassy, sexy succubus with tiger-striped hair.
What reviewers have to say about Succubus-in-Waiting:
Four Cups for Succubus-in-Waiting "The story line is fascinating to read. We go from seeing a few people who do not get a long to a sweet romance to people who have prejudice coming together to defend each other." - Babs with C&R Reviews
Top Pick for Succubus-in-Waiting "I was drawn in from the very beginning by the characters and the story line. Once I started I did not want to put the book down, even when the story was over." - Tigger9 with Night Owl Reviews


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The Romance Review
It isn’t every day a fairy gets an assignment with only one outcome: her death. As an assassin with the Eturian army, Noelani “Shade” Fayard has killed more than her share of traitors, but for the first time in centuries, she hesitates to take out her target. The Halfling marked for death makes her wonder what life would be like if it weren’t for the blood staining her hands and soul. He makes her feel for the first time in centuries.
Malachi Cromwell, a former Eturian general, wants to reclaim his place in The Veil, not fall in lust or love. He knows better than to let his heart take the lead, especially when he discovers Lani was sent to kill him, just like she’d killed the very people who held his fate in their hands.
Can they overcome their distrust and bitter pasts to forge a future together?
What reviewers have to say about Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous:
Five stars for Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous "Shade is a heroine that glides along the razor-edged lip of danger and carves her way into a reader's heart. Who wouldn't adore a character that fights her way out of hell and conquers every obstacle standing between her and true love?" - Renee Rearden The Romance Reviews 
Five stars for Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangeorus "Avet's writing is so descriptive, I could almost feel the kiss myself. ¡Ay Chihuahua!" - WildAboutBones with Bitten By Paranormal Romance

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Isola “Izzy” Malone is proud to be an Amazon. After years of roaming, she finally finds a home with the Blood Maiden Tribe. But contentment made her wild which is how Izzy ends up exiled to Middle-of-Nowhere, Wyoming. The most fun she can look forward to is rescuing a dumb bull from a group of nymphs. Only he isn’t a bull, but a minotaur. A really hot, sexy, big minotaur.
Grant Strickland isn’t ready to commit to a harem of placid cow-swans; not yet. But when he’s accosted by a crazy Amazon who’s determined to “save” him, he thinks the whole mating thing might be worth a try. Trouble follows Izzy, but it’ll take both of them to stop it from becoming war. Grant will use his skills, and cheat, to show Izzy where she really belongs is with him as her mate.
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